Slokker - Mod. 50130 GRENT

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Wherever reflections occur, polarizing sunglasses create a remedy. Water and winter sports enthusiasts, but also anglers and motorists appreciate polarizing lenses. Even people who are particularly sensitive to light benefit from polarizing sunglasses. The glasses reduce the brightness and enhance the contrasts.

On the surface of the water, reflections are particularly frequent, which strain the eye and worsen the vision. But not only on water surfaces, also in the snow and on rain-soaked roads - irrespective of the season - unpleasant reflections are formed. The lower the sun is, the more these reflections hinder the view. That hurts and tires the eyes considerably.

This impairment of vision is caused by polarized light that arises during reflection. Classic sunglass lenses reach their limits - they can not prevent this dazzling effect. Only special polarization filters block the reflected, polarized radiation due to their special structure. The result is a reduction of annoying and sometimes dangerous glare from light reflections. Polarization counteracts eyestrain.

Slokker - Mod. 50130 GRENT - Benefits:

  • glare-free, high-contrast vision.
  • improved color perception
  • Light retro sunglasses in modern design
  • ergonomic frame

Slokker - Mod. 50130 GRENT - Features:

  • Suitable for: cycling
  • Fit: Ergonomically shaped straps
  • Disc: Polycarbonate polarizing disc consists of 4 layers for maximum filtering of diffused light and for maximum visual contrast
  • Gender: Unisex

Slokker - Mod. 50130 GRENT - scope of delivery:

  • Sunglasses
  • Included: Microfibre bag for storage and cleaning li> ul>