Livall - Nano Cadence Sensor P1

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Livall - Nano Cadence Sensor P1 - The world's smallest cadence sensor. Record your pedaling data, speed, distance, routes, calories burned, etc.. Easy to install on any bike.


Livall - Nano Cadence Sensor P1 - Advantages:

  • Collect, collect, analyze and use data
  • increase performance

Livall - Nano Cadence Sensor P1 - Features:

  • The patented Livall P1 Nano cadence sensor attaches to the bike's crank and, once connected via Bluetooth to the LivallRiding app, records RPM, speed, distance traveled, and calories burned up.
  • The LivallRiding app can also display gradient, altitude and heart rate, provided the smartphone has the necessary extensions.
  • The P1 Nano cadence sensor is mounted on the crank mount of the right crank arm. A CR2032 button cell (3 V / 210 mAh) ensures a maximum standby time of 180 days.
  • Standby time: maximum 180 days
  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 15mm


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