Slokker - Ski Google SP1 mod. 52994

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The Slokker goggles SP1 with magnetic disc technology
has a technically highly innovative lens with photochromatic / self-tinting) feature and polarizing 4-layer filter. This disc combines the advantages of darkening or illumination due to the external light incidence with maximum filtering of diffused light and good visual contrast (Polar 4 labels). Suitable for many sports, especially in environments with changing light conditions.

Slokker - Ski goggles - Advantages:

  • optimal comfort
  • perfect fit
  • unrestricted field of view
  • compatible with many helmets also from other manufacturers
  • Adaptation to any weather through separate change disks

Slokker - Ski goggles - Features:

  • Disc: 4 layers for maximum filtering of diffused light and for maximum visual contrast
  • Polarization: The light emitted by a plane, e.g. the road or water is reflected is generally horizontally polarized. The result is a reduction of blinding and sometimes dangerous glare from light reflections. Slokker ski goggles SP1
     including additional replacement disc
    he intensity of sun exposure in addition to the existing disc on the ski goggles. but at the same time you keep an optimal view.
  • Interchangeable discs: An ingenious solution makes it possible: in changing weather, take off the disc, in sunshine (Kaiser weather) create disc. (Change takes up to 3 seconds)
    The innovative magnetic disc technology turns a bad weather goggle into a pair of sunglasses for sun-skiing in an instant.
  • Adaptation: 3-layer foam which fits very well even in extreme temperature fluctuations with an excellent fit on the face
  • Protection: UV 400 protection
  • OTG - glasses wearer suitable
  • Anti-fog system
  • Anti-scratch

Slokker - ski goggles - delivery:

  • Slokker ski goggles SP1
  • including additional replacement disc