Lumos - Matrix

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The first urban style Lumos Helmet, with integrated LEDs, turns signals, brake lights, completely customizable matrix panel and many more features.

Connect to the Lumos App to track your rides and share data with Apple Health or Google Fit.

Lumos - Matrix - Pros:

  • cool design
  • Powerful, highly visible illumination with multiple flashing modes
  • Activated joint turn signals via the supplied radio remote control
  • automatic brake light

Lumos - Matrix - Properties:

  • Battery Life:
    Drive brighter for a longer time. With a 1800mAh battery, the helmet easily covers the entire path and much more.
  • Front lighting:
    22 bright white LEDs - Make sure you are seen by oncoming traffic
  • Automatic brake light:
    With intelligent driver sensitivity adjustment via the companion app, which adapts to your driving style
  • Blinker:
    Customizable via the companion app to get exactly the style you like
  • Long-lasting shell:
    Make a few more light strokes without compromising the integrity of the protective foam layer
  • Upholstery:
    with 2 sets of padding to achieve the desired fit. - To give you the perfect fit for a comfortable driving experience
  • Remote Control Holder:
    Built-in remote control. Dock the Lumos remote control while charging to charge both at the same time.
  • Hair Port:
    The unique Fit system allows long-haired riders to guide their hairs in a way that makes them lighter and sweat-free.
  • Bluetooth connection:
    Establish a reliable connection to the Companion App via the Bluetooth standard.
  • Rear lighting:
    77 Individually Programmable RGB LEDs -Ride with highly expressive flashing patterns to attract attention, ensuring other motorists notice you on the road.
  • Size: One size 54 - 61 cm incl. 2 upholstery sizes
  • Certification: CPSC / F1492 / EN1078 / AS2063
  • Weight: A crazy amount of technology with a hard shell, which still brings a respectable 580 g

Lumos - Matrix - Awards:

  • not yet

Lumos - Matrix - Scope of delivery:

  • Bicycle helmet
  • with 2 sets of padding to achieve the desired fit.
  • Remote control incl. Bracket
  • charge cable