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Here it is! Slokker's newest and most exciting product, the Penegal bicycle helmet!

Slokker - Penegal - Advantages:

  • self-tinting visor
  • no flies or dirt in the eyes
  • wear your own glasses
  • no sunglasses necessary

Slokker Penegal - Details:

Slokker's one-of-a-kind all-purpose bicycle helmet, manufactured in Germany (helmet) and Italy (visor), that:

  • hosts an integrated, movable visor that fits easily and comfortably over prescription eyeglasses.
  • has a scratch-resistant, photochromatic lens that transitions from light to dark or dark to light in changing outdoor lighting conditions. 
  • is lightweight.
  • features flashing LED lights on the back for safety, along with a padded interior for comfort.  
  • is functional for either road or mountain biking.
helmet with lighsnein
foldable helmetnein
headsize in cmverschiedene Größen (52 - 63 cm)
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