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Xenith was founded to destroy tradition and provide better protective equipment. Your ultimate protection for the hard sport.


Xenith - Epic+ - Pros:

  • Repositionable and interchangeable 3DX jaw guard for an individual fit
  • The 3DX Chin Cup features a silicone lining for superior comfort and secure fit
  • In-Vent Ventilation: Diverse air ducts ensure real temperature optimization
  • Polycarbonate shell for absorbs strong shocks
  • XRD Comfort Pads are strong on impact and provide extra protection

Xenith - Epic+ - Properties:

  • Security:
    Multi-stage shock absorbers improve protection against linear and rotational forces by generating multiple levels of drag
  • EPIC Shocks:
    The inner ridge adds 2 additional walls to the original shock absorber design. This creates a reinforced structure and improves the ability to minimize sudden head movements
  • construction:
    Dynamic helmet mount
  • construction:
    Interface comfort padding for a perfect fit and improved comfort
  • construction:
    The shock absorber suspension system allows the hood and head to move independently of the shell, decoupling the head from linear and rotational forces
  • Fitband:
    A silicone band that adapts to the head and provides an individual fit
  • Fit:
    Custom fit due to patented adaptive head protection system, no air pumps required
  • Ventilation:
    6 vents on each side of the helmet shell for maximum airflow and keep the head cool during play
  • Upholstery:
    Injected high density foam padding that adjusts to the occipital bone for ultimate fit and comfort
  • Upholstery:
    RD comfort pads are made of soft, adaptable and breathable material
  • Size: M 53 - 57 cm Head circumference | L 57 - 61 cm head circumference | XL 61 - 64 cm head circumference
  • Certification: CE approved.

Xenith - Epic+ - Awards:

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Xenith - Epic+ - Scope of delivery:

  • Helmet

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