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The POC - Coron Air SPIN is designed to provide protection throughout the day. Full body design for superior comfort, fit and performance of the Coron Air SPIN through optimized ventilation channels that are sure to maximize airflow even at high speeds. especially during the transfer between enduro stages.

Additional information developed as part of our Ganzhelm approach includes our patent pending Silicon Pad Technology System. Cheek pads for extra protection on descent and improved ventilation between enduro racing stages.

The helmet's specially shaped auditory chambers are so low-priced that it minimizes the negative effects on balance and hearing when wearing an integral helmet. A fiberglass shell and EPP liner with multiple impact for high impact, durability and low weight.

The POC - Coron Air SPIN was developed in collaboration with the POC team athletes Martin Söderström and Robin Wallner and offers professional protection.

holes, prevents slipping out of the sunglasses when it is put on the helmet.

POC Coron Air SPIN- Advantages:

  • Development with experts
  • awesome design, feels wonderful
  • Fiberglass as a material
  • Carbon look
  • Lightweight, specially designed to be worn all day long.

POC Coron Air Carbon - feature:

  • Construction: Certified downhill and enduro fullface helmet with fiberglass construction
  • Ventilation: Excellent ventilation through innovative airflow and ventilation.
  • Construction: Helmet integrated with patent-pending SPIN pads (Shearing Pad Inside).
  • Construction: Ear chambers that improve balance and hearing.
  • Upholstery: Removable cheek pads in case of emergency for extra security in case of head or neck injuries.
  • Construction: chin bar for optimized protection and easy breathing.
  • Safety: Demolition visor for demolition in a crash to protect the driver's neck
  • Construction: EPP liner with multiple impacts.
  • Upholstery: all internal upholstery can be removed for washing.
  • Safety: Simple and effective buckle attachment system for extra safety.
  • Optionally available: Precision and fit with the new Ora mountain bike goggles.
  • Closure: Simple and effective chin closure
  • Weight: XS-S (1120 g), M-L (1170 g), XL-XXL (1100 g)

POC Coron Air SPIN- awards:

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POC Coron Air SPIN- delivery:

  • helmet
  • helmet bag
  • replacement upholstery

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