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The ultimate helmet for professional cycling - ABUS GameChanger

With its multi-position design, the new ABUS top model ensures that the aerodynamics are optimal at all times of the movement sequence on the bike - with less air resistance. It redefines aerodynamics. Because the air flows are optimized for all race-typical head inclinations. In every position!

From 3D scans and the co-development with Movistar team resulted in a 6 mm narrower and completely new fit. The unit of adjustment system and the floating forehead pad provides the GameChanger excellent comfort without an excessive amount of padding. The large-volume ventilation channels together with the Forced Air Cooling Technology ensure a pleasant climate on the head and an individually correct fit. The excellent ABUS security is the responsibility of the Multi Shell In Mold. The GameChanger sets new standards in Aero helmet technology!


ABUS - GameChanger - Benefits:

  • Helmet of racing cyclists
  • Development with the Movie Team
  • low air resistance
  • different design
  • Helmet for braid wearers well suited

ABUS - GameChanger - Features:

  • Position Design:
    For optimal aerodynamics regardless of head tilt
  • Forced Air Cooling Technology:
    Sophisticated ventilation system for optimum head climate
  • Flow traps:
    Aerodynamic, flutter-free and skin-friendly thanks to specially developed material profile
  • Zoom Ace:
    Finely adjustable adjustment system with handy adjusting wheel for individual seating
  • AirPort:
    Aerodynamic glasses holder with ironing guide
  • Multi Shell In Mold:
    For safe impact absorption
  • Pony Compatibility:
    Helmet for braid wearers well suited

ABUS - GameChanger - Awards:

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ABUS - GameChanger - scope of delivery:

  • helmet
headsize in cm51 - 62 cm

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