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The Oakley ARO5 has been designed for unrelenting climbs and heat and has optimized ventilation to keep you cool.

The ARO5 cycling helmet by OAKLEY is the aerodynamic bicycle helmet for those who want a high level of thermoregulation. The large vents not only provide a constant airflow, but also provide your sunglasses with a secure grip when you do not need them. The BOA FS1-1 Turning System is specifically designed for use with sunglasses so the glasses and size adjustment system do not get in the way.


Oakley - ARO5 - Advantages:

  • cool style
  • very good ventilation
  • aerodynamic and lightweight design ...

Oakley - ARO5 - Details:

  • Sizes: S (52 - 56 cm), M (54 - 58 cm), L (56 - 60 cm)
  • Brillengarage: large intake for stowing the unnecessary sunglasses
  • Construction: lightweight, durable polycarbonate outer shell
  • Construction: MIPS Brain Protection
  • Ventilation: large ventilation openings
  • Accessories: including helmet pocket
  • Inner padding: including X-STATIC inner padding
  • MIPS system: Yes
  • Certification: EN1078
  • Weight: S (264 g), M (288 g), L (305 g)
  • BOA FS1-1: The adjustment system was specifically designed for use with sports goggles. In this way, temple tips and adjustment system do not get in each other's way and do not produce print dots. The BOA FS1-1 system is a 360 ° design for millimeter accuracy, soft surface and high flexibility.
  • X-STATIC: The inner padding with fibers has been treated with antibacterial silver to reduce odors. The heat-reflecting and breathable properties ensure a pleasant climate.



MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) is a slip-plane system inside the helmet. It is designed to rotate within the helmet and to slow or reduce the amount of energy that is transmitted to the head or away from the head, thus reducing head injuries caused by rotation.


If the head rotates rapidly and stops abruptly, the brain tissue may be exposed to a high degree of stress due to the rotational acceleration. The stretching of tissue that may be caused by these movements can result in different types of brain damage. MIPS was developed with the proviso to reduce rotational acceleration from an impact.


MIPS uses a sliding plane system that is inside the helmet to mimic the brain's own protection system. This layer rotates within the helmet and is designed to potentially slow down or reduce the amount of energy transferred to the head or away from the head. According to scientific findings, the risk and extent of brain damage can be reduced if it succeeds in reducing stresses associated with rotational acceleration.


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