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The super light Raider Pro ski and snowboard helmet by SLOKKER with photochromatic and polarizing visor  impresses with its stylish design in a freeride look. Absolutely hip and trendy.


Best fit and excellent workmanship. The helmet leaves nothing to be desired and comes with a movable visor. Ready for your day on the mountain.


Slokker - Raider Pro - Pros:

  • movable visor
  • wear your own glasses under the visor
  • Visor suitable for all weather conditions
  • The visor adapts to the given light conditions by turning dark within a very short time when exposed to sunlight.
  • Optimal operation of the ventilation, even with gloves and cold hands.

Slokker - Raider Pro - Product Features:


Features - Helm:

  • Suitable for: skis, snowboards, all-round helmets
  • Construction: robust ABS shell
  • Helmet climate: adjustable ventilation system with 12 ventilation openings
  • Size: adjustable with large dial
  • Construction: The helmet is also equipped with a ski goggle holder if you prefer to wear goggles instead of a visor.
  • Interior: Coolmax material - This wicks moisture away from the body and the fabric dries faster. This helps to keep your head cool, dry and comfortable.
  • Certification: EN 1077
  • Weight: approx. 490g
  • Sizes: 52-54 cm, 55-57 cm, 58-60 cm, 60-62 cm, 61-64 cm
  • Ski helmet for: women and men

Features - Visor:

The globally unique visor technology:

  • Lens technology: The photocromatic and polarizing lens is made of polycarbonate and changes shade depending on the strength of the sun's rays (ultraviolet rays) hitting the visor. The visor darkens in bright light, and the lens gets brighter in low light conditions. Suitable for many sports, especially in changing weather conditions.
  • Material: Polycarbonate, characterized by high strength, impact resistance, rigidity and hardness and does not splinter.
  • Tan level: Initial tint - Final tint: Category 0 (transparent / orange) - Category 2 (85% tint). Reduces eye fatigue in sunny weather conditions.
  • T’time: 60-120 seconds, depending on the UV radiation, at high temperatures there may be a slight delay.
  • Polarizing: Always the best view without annoying reflections and light reflections. Thanks to the polarization filter, these glasses prevent you from being dazzled by the reflections. Of course, this also increases the perception of contrast and colors.
  • UV protection: UV filter final tint - 100% UV protection
  • Anti-Fog System: Windscreen does not fog up
  • Anti-Scratch: Visor scratches very hard
  • Visor inner seal: 3-layer foam that sits very comfortably on the face with an excellent fit even in extreme temperature fluctuations. These foam lips on the cheeks seal and thus prevent the penetration of drafts.
  • Visor frame: A special seal prevents moisture from penetrating between the helmet shell and the visor.
  • visor size: large field of vision (OTG / suitable for people who wear glasses)
  • Made in Italy

Slokker - Raider Pro - Scope of Delivery:

  • Ski helmet with visor
  • Storage bag
  • including movable, photochromatic and polarizing visor
helmet with lighsno
foldable helmetno
headsize in cm52 - 64
helmet with visoryes