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With its sporty and dynamic design fits the SP-3 Limited men to ambitious winter athletes.

 Casco Skihelmet/Snowboardhelmet SP-3 Limited Men - Benefits :

  • Glasses with FX-Magmet-Link (additionally possible)
  • stylish look
  • especially for men
  • very easy

Casco Skihelmet/Snowboardhelmet SP-3 Limited Men - Features :

  • Monocoque™-Ultra
    Monocoque ™ Ultra has created one of the smallest and lightest winter sports helmets with enormous safety potential. In this innovative helmet design, the shell consists of different segments and is additionally reinforced by stainless steel riveting.

  • Climate automatic
    The three voluminous air chambers inside the helmet absorb the body temperature and automatically release the warm air through the ventilation openings. This is very comfortable, as the temperature in the helmet is always balanced and the risk of cold is minimal.

  • washable interior 
    CASCO processes only skin-friendly, comfortable functional materials. They absorb hardly any moisture themselves, remove sweat from the skin and keep the head so dry. 

  • FX-Magnet Link 
    MagnetLink glasses automatically find the right position on the helmet, practical and ingeniously easy to use. Please note that MagnetLink glasses are not included. (NOT INCLUDED IN THE DELIVERY) 

  • lightweight helmet
    For maximum safety at the lowest weight. 

Casco Skihelmet/Snowboardhelmet SP-3 Limited Men - Awards :

  • not yet

Casco Skihelmet/Snowboardhelmet SP-3 Limited Men - Delivery :

  • Ski helmet / snowboard helmet
  • operation manual
  • Pet crate 

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