Slokker - Skihelmvisor MF Multilayer+Photocrome Mod. 07014

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Ski Helmet Visor Slokker Visor MF Multilayer + Photocrome Mod. 07014 (for all Slokker Raider, Balo, Pato and Bakka models from 2014)

Slokker - Replacement visor - suitable for:

Slokker - Replacement Visor - Features:

  • Disc: The photochromic multilayer disc is made of polycarbonate and changes the tint due to the strength of the sun's rays (ultraviolet rays), which hit the visor. In strong light, the visor darkens, in low light conditions, the disc brighter. Suitable for many sports, especially in changing weather conditions.
  • Multilayer: The multi-layer treatment makes colors look livelier and intensifies contours and contrasts.
  • UV protection: UV filter End tint: 100% UV protection and it provides optimal visibility, thanks to the decentered disc.
  • Material: Polycarbonate, characterized by high strength, impact resistance, stiffness and hardness and does not splinter.
  • Tinting Level: Exit Tint - End Tint: Category 0 (Transparent / Orange) - Category 2 (85% Tint). Reduces eye fatigue in sunny weather conditions
  • Tinting duration: (how long does the tinting?) 60-120 seconds depending on the UV radiation, at high temperature, there may be slight delays.
  • Anti-fog system
  • Anti-scratch
  • Visor inner seal: 3-layer foam that sits comfortably even in extreme temperature fluctuations with an excellent fit on the face. These foam lips on the cheeks seals and prevents the ingress of drafts.
  • Visor frame: a special seal prevents the ingress of moisture between the helmet shell and the visor.
  • Visor size: large field of vision (OTG / suitable for spectacle wearers)
  • Made in Italy

Slokker - Replacement visor - Scope of delivery:

  • Visor