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The SPEEDmask CARBONIC visor from CASCO can be easily installed in all SPEED helmets from CASCO. The panorama protection even allows glasses to be worn under the visor.


Casco - SPEEDmask - suitable for:

  • Casco SPEEDairo
  • Casco SPEEDster
  • Casco Speedgams
  • Casco Roadster


Casco - SPEEDmask - Properties:

  • seamless connection to the helmet protects against unpleasant airflow

  • unrestricted and distortion-free panoramic view

  • Can also be easily worn with normal glasses

  • patented snap mechanism allows the visor to be pushed up quickly, even while driving

  • The visor can be changed quickly

    This self-cleaning and hydrophobic disc technology prevents oil and water from sticking to the disc. A scratch-resistant anti-static coating also protects the pane. In addition, the lens has a higher impact resistance than polycarbonate and is 100% protected against UV rays.

    The VAUTRON® automatic visor offers fatigue-free vision and automatically adapts to changing light conditions in a matter of seconds. It enables a full panoramic field of vision and a particularly good view through carbonic premium lenses (optical class 1). The visor can be easily opened and closed with one hand thanks to a folding mechanism. In addition, it goes seamlessly to the helmet for optical and streamlined reasons. Like most other CASCO SPEEDmask models, the VAUTRON® version is also suitable for people who wear glasses.
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