Hövding - Airbag 2.0

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Hövding is the world's first airbag for urban cyclists. With the advanced sensors and the unique algorithm, Hövding recognizes the movement pattern of the cyclist. In case of a fall, it reacts immediately and inflates within 0.1 seconds, protects the head and fixes the neck. The airbag offers cyclists the best protection available on the market and, according to a study by Stanford University, eight times safer than conventional helmets.

With Hövding you feel more secure and free.

Hövding -  Airbag 2.0 - Pros:

  • optimal protection with maximum freedom
  • trendy styles
  • Airbag fixes the neck and provides an extremely gentle and gentle shock absorption
  • After being triggered, the Hövding airbag maintains the gas pressure constant for several seconds, thus providing effective protection even at high speeds and with multiple impacts in succession.
  • safe and fashionable accessory
  • small and handy

Hövding -  Airbag 2.0 - Properties:

  • Airbag system:
    The patented airbag inflates in 0.1 seconds in an accident and forms a hood that fixes the neck. It offers three times better shock absorption than classic bicycle helmets.
  • Sensors and algorithm:
    Once the Hövding is activated, it registers the cyclist's movements 200 times a second. When an accident occurs, an abnormal motion is registered and the airbag inflates.
  • Activation:
    The Hövding is activated with the zipper on the front of the collar. There is an activation / deactivation button (push button) on the zipper puller. A sound and light signal indicates when the Hövding is activated. With intelligent driver sensitivity adjustment via the companion app, which adapts to your driving style
  • Load:
    If the sound and light signal indicate a low battery level, the battery of the Hövding is charged via an external socket via USB cable. The life of a fully charged battery will last for about 9 hours.
  • Collar and cover:
    The collar is ergonomically designed and made of waterproof functional fabric to best protect the built-in airbag system. Different covers are available in our online shop.
  • Size: available in 3 sizes
  • Certification: EN / (IEC) 61000-6-2: 2005
  • Construction: The gas generator that inflates the airbag is located in a device in the collar in the neck of the cyclist. It is a so-called "cold gas generator" that uses helium.
  • construction:
    The Hövding is worn around the neck and protects the head and neck in case of a fall. Integrated sensors trigger the airbag in case of a fall
  • Use:
    High tech product for urban cycling (including e-bikes up to 25 km / h). The airbag must not be used during sporty racing cycling, biking, mountain biking, off-road or downhill driving or special wheels, such as unicycles, tandems, recumbents or BMX wheels are used
  • Security:
    Up to 8x safer than classic cycle helmets (result of a Stanford University study of 2016)
  • Weight: approx. 650 g (without coating)
  • Color: Black

Hövding -  Airbag 2.0 - Awards:

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Hövding -  Airbag 2.0 - Scope of delivery:

  • Airbag 2.0
  • USB cable for charging
  • Base coat included
  • individual cover available separately