Casco - Mistrall

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The light and airy - Unbeatable value for money.

We also wear the helmet ;-) 

Casco - Mistrall - advantages:

  • Price-performance ratio
  • simple Dsign
  • good adjustability

Casco - Mistrall - Details:

  • The light and airy - Unbeatable in the price / performance ratio!
  • Practical and convenient in daily use.
  • All-round safe, with 4-fold Monocoque ™ safety technology.
  • Efficient fresh-air ventilation through 13 vents with beautiful stainless steel eyelets.

The CASCO Mistrall has a great fit thanks to the Disk Fit Comfort System ™ and the new strap design, making it easy to adjust. The riding helmet screen is equipped with a soft rubber edge. Thanks to the exchangeable CASCO MyStyle stripes suitable for every outfit.
New: With printed coat of arms left and right!

Casco - Mistrall - awards:

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Casco - Mistrall - delivery:

  • Helmet
headsize in cm50 - 62 cm