The company's aim is to offer high-quality helmets. We want to provide the customer with good quality at fair prices.

Our motto is: The right protection for every head!

We sell safety helmets so that you are safe on the road!

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Some more information

We have found that innovative ideas often have a hard time getting to market. So also innovative helmets. We want to change this and offer these helmets to the people in Germany. It is our aim that these helmets are innovative and of course safe. We run the blog and the Helmheld shop. In the blog we want to present cool developments in the helmet sector as well as other interesting articles. We try to offer these developments directly in the shop.

We run the blog and the shop for the fun of it.

If you have any questions, hints or suggestions, just let them know. We look forward to the further journey together.


Best regards

Falko and Team