Have a look service only for Germany

Can't make up your mind?

-> No problem <-

We will send you up to 3 helmets.

You can test it at home and only keep the helmet that you like. You can send the others back to us free of charge.

The test is not binding. He does not oblige you to buy. Shipping (there and back) is free. If you like a helmet, we will only send you the invoice after we have made a decision. If you don't like a helmet, at least we tried it together. The service applies to Germany.


Many people are unsure which helmet really fits them and also suits them. We want to minimize this problem with our service.

-> Thats how it works <-

  1. Simply order 3 helmets that you would like to test with the payment function "Payment on account" or "Payment by bank transfer" .

  2. Now we know exactly which model, color and size we can send you.

  3. We'll send you the helmets.

  4. If you find the right helmet and want to send the other helmets back (if in doubt, send all helmets back), just write us an email.

  5. We will send you a return label.

  6. You pay for the right helmet.

  7. Everyone is heroically happy ;-)


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